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Endlessly [h.s.]

Endlessly [h.s.]

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Flora By StylisticMoods Completed

(adv.) having no end, limit, or conclusion; boundless; infinite; interminable; incessant

She met him late one night in the winter and watched the stars with him. He told her he loved her two winters later. Three days later, he was sent off to fight in the second World War, leaving her with a promise that she would hold on to for the rest of her life: "And, no matter what happens to me out there, just remember that I will love you endlessly, even if I don't make it home to you."

PinkRainbow002 PinkRainbow002 Aug 05, 2016
I have been staring at this book since keeping it in my library. It just feel a one of those 'rip my heart to a hollow'books where I won't be able to get over it very soon.  I suck I know.  But now I'm going to read it. Is he going to die... 😱😨
longlivenus longlivenus Sep 11, 2016
This is the first time I've found a book like this. Thanks for writing, i love it.
marcela_g824 marcela_g824 Jun 12, 2016
Ah Famous Crash Into Someone Drop Their Things Help Them Have A Conversation Going Gotcha
1dsbetterthanwords 1dsbetterthanwords May 28, 2016
i just realised they probably dont have cellphones &/or internet to talk to eachother right? 😭😭😭
peachyasia peachyasia Jun 14, 2016
First chapter and I'm already loving this story! <3 You're such an amazing writer! (:
queen_of_hearts290 queen_of_hearts290 Feb 23, 2016
I absolutely love this book. Harry and Rosemary would make a cute couple. I'm just scared of the cliffhanger that's due to come.