if only ↣ stiles & stella [permanent hiatus]

if only ↣ stiles & stella [permanent hiatus]

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dylena By ohmydylena Updated May 26, 2016

Stella Montgomery. A girl. She's a goddess, but a troublemaker. Drama and teenage boys call her name. 

   Stiles Stilinski. A boy. He's well awkward, but really smart. Werewolves and the supernatural call his name.

   Two different people with the same things going on with #squadgoals & #badbloodgoals until the Montgomery's had to move to... Beacon Hills! 

   Not only will Stiles & Stella's universe clash, but ever since Stella came... Something's start to get a bit more crazier than it was. 

   Stiles has to get close to Stella in order to figure out what she is, but what will happen if he gets too close to a certain Stella Montgomery? 

   Could Stella be trusted or is she part of the reason why all hell is loose in Beacon Hills?

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HogwartzPrincess HogwartzPrincess Oct 13, 2017
How can she be only older than her by 2 months it would have to be about a year btw love the story I found the trailer on YouTube and came here
bruizses bruizses May 30, 2016
honestly saw the trailer in my reccomended on YouTube and got here by that (ps this looks amazing omg)
- - Jul 12, 2016
Its amazing, and omg that one cheating part yup definitely reading
pegasusgirl13 pegasusgirl13 Aug 25, 2016
okay. I'm confused. How the heck is that on the internet?! Haha
                              And who put that on the internet?!
justcupcake justcupcake Nov 15, 2015
how's her sister only two months older I mean how did she happen I need an explanation
- - Sep 06, 2015
this is so good I can't wait I've been trying since forever to find a Stella and Stiles fanfic and finally I did