Wild Ones

Wild Ones

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Grey By DefendTheUndefended Updated May 31, 2016

(Okay so kinda AU Kyuubii never attacked, The Yodiame and his wife just died in an attack on the village. And they never had a son.)

Six years after the Third died a boy appears out of no where at the gates to Konaha. When the boy is taken to the Hokage, the Hokage seems to know the boy and trust him. So the villages brush it off. The Hokage gives the boy a place to stay, and entrance into the ninja academy. 

Six years later the boy is in a team. One day the boy accidentally uses an ability he shouldn't know but brushes it off as an 'it was an attack from the enemy not me', expecting his teammates to believe him. The seemingly brush it off but in reality don't believe him at all.

Where did the blonde come from? Why is he so familiar with the Hokage? What is the number one knuckle head ninja hiding? AND WHY AM I ASKING YOU, YOU HAVE TO READ IT TO KNOW!

wolfwulf12 wolfwulf12 Jul 20, 2016
This pic reminds me of my old character and a old myth midnight and Luna lol
mysteryanimelover mysteryanimelover Aug 24, 2016
For some reason I read kuroshuji as black butler but in Japanese -3-
immaloony immaloony Mar 20, 2016
This two people be like: 
                              and I'm here like: 
                              Death the kid traps?
ErisVodiax ErisVodiax Feb 03, 2016
Bleach crossover?  That must mean that 'Old Man Yama' is head captain Yamamoto!
OverlordKris OverlordKris Apr 21, 2016
He's a reaper right or a demon from Japanese lore cuz of the King Yama
Narutofol Narutofol Jan 02
we all do
                              *joins you to go sulk in a corner while growing mushrooms*