Accidentally Kissed The Bad Boy

Accidentally Kissed The Bad Boy

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Scarlet Winters By 1989_vintage_girl Completed

What happens when Eliza Grace attends a party ?
Well what if i said she fell?

And kissed the one and only Cole Hunter, the Captain of the football team, the one person she never intended to talk to that night much less kiss?

He smirked.

Hold on to your seats friends because shits about to go down.

Get wrapped up in Eliza's journey of new friends, pictures, magic, friendship and skittles?

Oh and also please forgive me for  there are quite a few grammatical and spelling errors as the book is still under editing (i'm lazy don't judge).

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Not trying to be rude or anything but isn’t it, “your loss.”
Windfaller Windfaller Feb 06
An 'ewe' is a female sheep
                              It should be 'ew'
                              No offence or anything cos it's a great story
Jessateamten Jessateamten Dec 10, 2017
Though I hope his friends were like "ooooohhh" or like the whole room went silent oh wait it would have been better if it happened at the cafeteria lol OK byeee
Gosh look at my username I would never ever chase a guy because he was hot 🙄😂
Omq_LunaIsButterFul Omq_LunaIsButterFul Nov 27, 2017
This has the same cover as how to be the best third wheel or something :P
I dislike parties bc people always tend to get inside my bubble no matter how empty the party is