Kidnapped (A Justin Bieber story)

Kidnapped (A Justin Bieber story)

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This story contains
*Sexual Scenes
*Foul language
*Abusive Conduct
*Read at your own risk(you were warned!)

Faith is just a normal 17 year old teenager with the perfect life. Until the worlds most wanted criminal Justin Bieber kidnaps her. Will Faith escape? Or will she fall for him?

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In my reading class we had to say the worst we knew out loud(idk y) and my friend screamed fūcktãrd😂
RumzGrande RumzGrande Aug 22
Doesn't anyone else think this is just like "claimed"? There's a window in the bathroom that both girls try to jump out of and they both get called "kitten" by Justin lmao
Thisbooty00 Thisbooty00 Oct 26
Im confused in this chapter she knows how to drive but in the others Justin is teaching her to drive
JBCimorelli JBCimorelli Jun 22
Well if u scream, and get someone to hear and help you, then he can't punish u ...