Oakwood Grange

Oakwood Grange

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Rhón By Pyrography Completed

It's 1860, and after a childhood spent on the grueling frontier of the Old West, Mae Clemens has finally found a place that feels like home. Wanting nothing more than to make friends and put down roots, Mae soon meets her match in Autumn, a haughty, free-spirited young wood nymph stranded in the realm of humankind.

Autumn is desperate to escape Mae's hardscrabble world, but survival soon takes precedence. Vicious outlaws plague the drought-stricken town, and deadly fear grows with the mystery of missing children. But the mundane world isn't the only source of danger - there's a monstrous evil waiting for the two girls, and an ancient trickster with his own plans for their fate, whatever it may be.

Winner of the 2015 "Hidden Gems" Watty award (the world's largest online writing contest), Oakwood Grange is a thrilling all-ages adventure that blends spellbinding fantasy with gritty Western sensibilities. Immerse yourself in an enchanting story of heartwarming beauty and timeless Americana, as debut author Rhón asks questions about innocence, friendship, and the evergreen importance of home. In an achingly real world touched by myth, two girls set out on a journey of discovery, but one they may not survive.

  • americana
  • faerie
  • fantasy
  • farm
  • folklore
  • frontier
  • gritty
  • magic
  • murder
  • mythology
  • nymph
  • trickster
  • wattys2015
  • western
Sceritz Sceritz Dec 05, 2016
Now that's how you write some dialogue right there. Well written all around too. Very enjoyable.
JDavies11 JDavies11 Feb 13, 2016
Well done! It's refreshing to see such a well written piece shine out of the insufferable teen slushpile that dominates the community. The character's breath with a life of their own and the setting is vivid and alive.
NYCProdigy NYCProdigy Feb 17, 2016
Wow that's a beautiful image and representation of scale to portray what we humans are to the forces of nature
NYCProdigy NYCProdigy Feb 17, 2016
Turning the hackneyed chopping of inanimate wood into a gruesome depiction of mutilation. Very interesting storytelling technique, gives me hope for how you will be handling future chars. I already see the horse is getting quite the amount of characterization already.
                              Very gory wood-chipping scene.
MorrighansMuse MorrighansMuse Nov 02, 2015
Love the voice here, and the overall dialogue just flows like honey!  Very confident and I love Mae already!
LeighWStuart LeighWStuart Sep 26, 2015
Great opening - my curiosity is piqued about that tree! The girl and her dad both seem like heart-warming characters, too. :-)