Oakwood Grange

Oakwood Grange

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Tales of the Weird West By Pyrography Completed

After ten-year-old Mae Clemens discovers a wood nymph hiding on her father's farm, helping this strange visitor to return home proves far more troublesome--and dangerous--than either had imagined.

Set in dusty California, 1860, Oakwood Grange tells of the hardships of a young girl in a turbulent frontier town, a place where children have gone missing and where some have turned up dead, and where Mae's bright hopes of finally settling down are threatened by dark mysteries and deeply-rooted secrets. Yet stranger still are the odd doings of her tree-obsessed companion: a girl without a name who summons thunderstorms and talks to animals and whose carefree nature seems to contradict the harsh realities of life that Mae has grown accustomed to. Outlaws. Violence. Starvation. Disease. To survive, hardy practicality is needed--not the wishful fantasies of make-believe.

But what if magic does exist? What if Mae's new friend is not the lunatic lost child that she first appears to be but rather someone in command of wild supernatural powers? If so, perhaps together they can save the few remaining children of the town and solve the riddle of the growing darkness that besets them all.

Sceritz Sceritz 5 days ago
Now that's how you write some dialogue right there. Well written all around too. Very enjoyable.
JDavies11 JDavies11 Feb 13
Well done! It's refreshing to see such a well written piece shine out of the insufferable teen slushpile that dominates the community. The character's breath with a life of their own and the setting is vivid and alive.
NYCProdigy NYCProdigy Feb 17
Wow that's a beautiful image and representation of scale to portray what we humans are to the forces of nature
NYCProdigy NYCProdigy Feb 17
Turning the hackneyed chopping of inanimate wood into a gruesome depiction of mutilation. Very interesting storytelling technique, gives me hope for how you will be handling future chars. I already see the horse is getting quite the amount of characterization already.
                              Very gory wood-chipping scene.
MorrighansMuse MorrighansMuse Nov 02, 2015
Love the voice here, and the overall dialogue just flows like honey!  Very confident and I love Mae already!
LeighWStuart LeighWStuart Sep 26, 2015
Great opening - my curiosity is piqued about that tree! The girl and her dad both seem like heart-warming characters, too. :-)