Bound to You

Bound to You

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Keyni14 By Keyni14 Updated Aug 04, 2016

*****Camila's POV*****

"Mila! Breakfast is ready and you have to eat today". I just sat up at my desk and continue working. I wrote down all of Anon's notes, the things he's done, possible suspects. Anything that would help me find Dinah. Everyone told me that very were gone, but I refused to let that happen. I was going to find her. We were going to be married. And with Brooke, we'd be a family.

"Camz" I hear Lauren call from my door, but it doesn't stop me from working. "Camila, let's take a break sweetheart" she said slowly. I saw her trying to reach for my notebook, but I wouldn't let her take it. "I'll c-c-come eat, j-just p-please... D-o-on't touch anything" I beg, hugging the book to my chest. She just nodded and guided me by my shoulders down to the kitchen table. 

Since Dinah went missing, fifth harmony has changed completely. We're not making music. We all live in a house that Simon paid for. And we go work regular jobs and then come back here. We're just has-beens now. 


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