Text Messages ➵ l.s (boyxboy)

Text Messages ➵ l.s (boyxboy)

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"fuck boy"
"but you still liked the pic though"
"yeah yeah"

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Aliana_Ariza Aliana_Ariza Jul 19, 2016
I say mum and I am Mexican maybe because I love one direction to much
larryisreallll_ larryisreallll_ Dec 27, 2016
My mun pushed 17 out!!!!!! 😘 I love all of my siblings💙💙
afraidofflying afraidofflying Dec 26, 2016
DON'T GIVE HIM UR FULL NAME WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING i mean apart from that not being ur name but NONETHELESS
1dluver1234 1dluver1234 Sep 24, 2016
... I'm done with everything. *drops iPod and walks away*. Walks back to make sure it's ok. I would be sooo embarrassed if I sent a weird message to the wrong number and it ends up being my crush or something. I would die