If At First You Don't Succeed (BWWM)

If At First You Don't Succeed (BWWM)

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Lex2324 By Lex2324 Updated Jun 29

Mikey’s had his hands full with his one year old daughter Laila. As much as he values his parents Michael and Jenny for watching her. Laila is missing a mother’s touch, and though he’s never going to admit it he’s ready to settle down. With the help of his family, and a woman who’s presence may or may not be warranted. Will Mikey finally find happiness?

Angie, has always been a sweet, down to earth, loving girl. But that’s only when you’re on her good side. Angie can be maniacal, evil, and cutthroat when she wants to be. When she comes face to face with a person that’s the male version of her, will she be able to handle it? Follow Angie and Mikey on their way to love, lust, a nosy father, a loud baby, and maybe just a little bit of happiness.

(If you haven't read "Over Troubled Water" you might be a bit confused.)

One you have know respect for yourself. He forgot your name hoe!!
Noo idc if you the girl he fall in love with bitch you don't grab someone baby and nigga you don't let no one touch your child
jmoreland34 jmoreland34 Aug 23, 2016
The Hell!!! She must be a psychic because there has been no kind of intro what so ever!
BaiXxo BaiXxo Sep 06, 2016
I can't why when some women have a one night stand they think that he's gonna marry them.
Calleigh_Valentine Calleigh_Valentine Aug 20, 2015
How does she know his name? No introductions have been. Red Flag # 1