✓It Wasn't Me ➸ Muke/Lashton A.U [Book One]

✓It Wasn't Me ➸ Muke/Lashton A.U [Book One]

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Lucy :) By CinnamonAndChocolate Completed

"Picture this we were both butt naked banging on the bathroom floor."

"Bro I didn't need that mental image."

Or when Luke's been cheating on his boyfriend with their underage cross dressing neighbour. 


[SMUT, SMUT AND MORE SMUT. Just a warning this book will be full of smut]

So I just want to point out that I got this idea from @mukemathers who has a story idea book, that are for sale. she had some pretty amazing ideas (: 

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1DOS1976 1DOS1976 Apr 02, 2016
Lol research.  "Yes teacher, I'll be writing my research paper on gay sex"
Scullninja7689 Scullninja7689 Feb 02, 2016
Mine are only a year apart xD but the only time I would mind is like, 12 year old to 35 year old.
1DOS1976 1DOS1976 Apr 02, 2016
My parents are just a year apart but my dad had actually lied about his age for the first 6 months they dated.  He told her he was 18 like my mom but he was actually 17
cake_trashhh cake_trashhh Jan 05, 2016
My mom and stepdad are only 8 years apart but it's funny knowing when my stepdad was in 4th grade my mom was graduating
homiehopper homiehopper Aug 30, 2015
Me And my ex-boyfriend were fourteen years apart , No one said anything :)
mypenguins5sos mypenguins5sos Aug 22, 2015
my parents are 24 years apart..but it was just a mistake and he was married and blah