The Shot You Need (Stucky fanfic, #coffeeshopau, #fanficfriday)

The Shot You Need (Stucky fanfic, #coffeeshopau, #fanficfriday)

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Hannah Marvel By de_booklover16 Completed

Trying not to love the Captain was like trying to make your heart stop beating, you could do it, but then there was no life after that. 

Trying to find the soldier was like the Captain's own separate war, by the end of it he wasn't sure if he'd be the same man, but it would be worth it to save others, to save the soldier.

It would seem a coffee shop may just serve the shot that they both need.

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wonderful_fangirl wonderful_fangirl Mar 27, 2017
Literally this is so well written and I'm only on the first paragraph wtf you're amazing
Novelember Novelember Apr 25, 2017
                              LOVE ME LIKE YOU LOVE LOVE LOVE ME LIKE YOU DOOOOO
AmelindaAura AmelindaAura Oct 16, 2017
Such a well written story! Gorgeous... hope they'll find each other. Thank u so much for sharing
Maakaa007 Maakaa007 Jul 13, 2017
Most of good ff writers write very complicated mind-trains but your ff is so easy to read! I love it!
findabetteraplace findabetteraplace Nov 18, 2017
But how would you be able to forget him if you're literally surrounded by his pictures....
timeturn timeturn Jan 29, 2017
I've only read the first paragraph and I'm already in love with this fanfic 👏👌