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Happy Birthday America! (America x reader Lemon)

Happy Birthday America! (America x reader Lemon)

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Anya By AnyaTheElf Updated Jul 15, 2016

A quick America x reader one-shot since today (the day I wrote this) is the 4th of July ^~^
I have decided to make this a fanfic I update annually. So at every 4th of July I'll update this :3 I might write each chapter through out the year so yeah XD enjoy what I have so far

Anna1010cat Anna1010cat Jul 15, 2016
Yes please~! Also go at your own pace,  I'll still be here to read it even if it takes years.
Matplier2232 Matplier2232 Jul 25, 2016
Yes!! Also, I am a very patient reader........
                              Unless the book is a full on story then I have little to no patience, but one shot books I am very much patient! :)
I'd be the country that cusses a lot so I picked Ireland lol. I'm just imagining it's not part of the U.K. so yeah lmao
*jumps out of bed*
                              *jumps out window* 
                              *jumps out earth* 
                              *jumps out space * 
                              This is fine
Lunarfoxx Lunarfoxx Feb 05
I'm the one who isn't drunk and I recording and pulling on all those curls
Lunarfoxx Lunarfoxx Feb 05
Me: hi Canada 
                              Canada: You noticed me
                              Me: yeah I mean you gave the world maple 🍁 syrup and bacon 🥓 and milk 🍼 in bags 
                              Canada: *falls in love*