paranoid  :  lrh

paranoid : lrh

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"you won't leave right? you won't just not be here when i don't come back, right? not like them?"

"i'll be right here. promise."

@subwaylrh | 2015®

Honestly me tho. I've been asked "So like what's your aesthetic because you're aesthetically pleasing...pastel? Tumblr?" And I have no clue what to answer because I wear what I have in my closet and it's mostly black. It confuses me too.
bubbacali bubbacali Feb 12
Chinchillas are cute but I don't think they're practical pets
brandon_arreaga brandon_arreaga Sep 26, 2016
i literally repeat my combination in my head as i walk to my locker
mukes-sweaterpaws mukes-sweaterpaws Sep 13, 2015
I freaking love this sooooo much already. Like a different level of loving fanfics