Things To Do when Your Bored

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kassidy By SecretlyNinja Updated 3 years ago
Are YOU extreeeemely bored!? Well, here are alot FUN things for you to do when your BOREED! Like trying to lick your elbow! How much endless hours of fun would that be? So, quick! CLICK IT! Annnd, ENJOOOOOOOOOOOY!
Pshtt...What r u talking about? I'm definatly not thinking about penguins....
I'm sorry, but I've failed U already, it's literally impossible not to think of them!!
I already say the words because I have a terrible fear of elevators.
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Hahaha.... Hilarious is the word.... Did you actually try something out??? Or you just made that all up... Cause if you did any of the two, you ROCK!!
yep. i was thinking about penguins. the name says it all. :P