Penthesilea's Wish [Vol.2]

Penthesilea's Wish [Vol.2]

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Califia Montalvo By Califia Completed

This book, the 2nd in the "Penthesilea's Wish" trilogy, is the continuation of the heroic saga lived out by a phenomenal woman in the past--Penthesilea, legendary queen of the Amazons. It traces the parallel plots of her life and that of a contemporary young woman's living in San Francisco today. 

The story revolves around Daniela Collins' fatalistic connection to a discovery made on a remote California cliff involving the wish of Penthesilea, some three thousand years before. That discovery sets off a chain of mysteries which connect to distant legends of the Amazons and their legacy's intriguing connection to the New World. 

This 2nd volume traces the workings of the secret society of women who patiently and tenaciously held on to Penthesilea's ambitious wish throughout their respective ages. How they carried it through royal courts of power and intrigue, right into the future--and our present. The sisterhood which has emerged today prepares to release its bold potentials in our own times. Their clandestine message--invoked by Penthesilea and carried forward by Daniela, threatens to alter the uneven playing field beneath the age-old 'battle of the sexes.' 

This historical novel has elements of romance, action, and a mystery that will keep the reader guessing about that phenomenal wish brought forth by Penthesilea. And how it will emerge, changing our lives forever. 

In "Penthesilea's Wish: Volume Two," be prepared to be further entertained and enlightened.