Phan One-Shots

Phan One-Shots

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Kali By MelancholyMango Updated Mar 12

a series of phan short-stories and one-shots, each story has a summary at the beginning so you know what you're getting yourself into 


credit for the cover goes to @xsillytilly

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Asmighty Asmighty Mar 09
how have the students not noticed this? I'd have been watching them with popcorn at this point.
pinkphandom pinkphandom Apr 04
2018 - when phil is wearing his hair in a quiff and 1000 phannies are dying on a daily basis
pinkphandom pinkphandom Apr 04
why are my eyeballs oozing out unidentified liquid? what is this thing? WHAT IS HAPPENING
homersexual homersexual Mar 17
yeah i just looked at how long i have left and it says 2 hours
                              2 hOURS
I can see this actually happening to me and my friend who I like in real life and I’m terrified
Asmighty Asmighty Mar 09
ah, now i understand, this class is for blind and mute people because there's NO WAY NO ONE'S NOTICING IT