Phan One-Shots

Phan One-Shots

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Kali By MelancholyMango Updated 4 days ago

a series of phan short-stories and one-shots, each story has a summary at the beginning so you know what you're getting yourself into 


credit for the cover goes to @xsillytilly

I feel so bad for the girl who married Phil. Like, honestly, this is horrible for her. It's wrong. He shouldn't have led her on
sooty33 sooty33 Jan 10
Oh my goodness gracious golly gee this is really sad Diddly darn
danithesociotrash danithesociotrash 2 days ago
You apparently only fought about once or twice a year, you loved each other dearly and never left each other's sides, you always wanted the best for each other, I could go on... my points is, aRE YOU SERIOUS?
I'm just thinking about how bad his poor wife must feel. She's probably seeing this.
icheni123 icheni123 Jan 15
Philip no you are better than this
                              (Not that I mind please continue)
i just hate the "husband accidentally walks in on very incriminating provocative unreciprocated incident" plot its frustrating i hate having all the knowledge of being the reader sometimes