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Kidnapped with the Dolan twins?!?

Kidnapped with the Dolan twins?!?

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♡ D A I S Y ♡ By daisy7700 Updated Feb 20

On a normal common day of going to school Audrey was walking back home since her brother was too "busy" to take her home after school. As she made her way home she got pulled back by two arms so quickly without giving her time to realize what was happening and was  thrown into a white van where she  slammed her head next to other bodies making her knock out. Who else was in there? Where were they taking her? Was she getting kidnapped or was this a bad joke? Read along and find out what happens to Audrey and who are the other bodies alongside hers!

⚠⚠⚠None of the chapters are revised or edited KEEP THAT IN MIND!!! I know ive misspelled or wrote words wrong ill edit when i can⚠⚠⚠

morganmartineau morganmartineau Aug 20, 2015
isn't this a flashback to seventh grade? lmao they're dropping f bombs everywhere