Dirty Boots & Bloody Arrows (A Daryl Dixon Story)

Dirty Boots & Bloody Arrows (A Daryl Dixon Story)

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Jess By Chupacabra94 Updated Jul 04, 2015

Meet Olivia, former Army Sniper, FBI Agent, and all around badass, who had an unfortunate accident that ruined her career and left her deaf in her right ear along with having only 50% vision in her right eye. How does one live in a world where everyone looks at her differently because of her deformities?

More importantly, when she wakes up and that world is suddenly gone how does someone with her disabilities survive in a world where supplies and ammo are scarce, shelter is overrun, and the dead are now up and walking?

Meet Daryl Dixon, former mechanic, purebred redneck, and hunter, who is also an all-around badass. He is doing what he knows how to do best, something that he has always had to do since the day he was born and before the world went to shit: survive. With Merle, his brother, by his side, what will Daryl do when he meets the girl who flips his life upside down more than what the dead already have?

Follow Olivia, Daryl, and Merle as they run and fight through the ups, downs, struggles, and triumphs of this crazy, messed up world they are now calling life.

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I am so glad someone finally picked up on this, stories written how Norman reedus would play daryl are so hard to find. I'm really looking forward to reading on
Why can't I read it? I'm following you and I really REALLY want to read D:
Bella_sett Bella_sett Aug 10, 2016
OMG same when its like two chapters into the story and Daryl's all flirty...like no😖
ThnksFrThMmes ThnksFrThMmes Jan 24, 2016
Well I'm glad that they figured out that you had written the story first
AdrienneFuller12 AdrienneFuller12 Dec 20, 2015
Love where you stArted. As always your writing is beautiful.
escape-the-fate escape-the-fate Aug 20, 2015
Amazing, very well writer so far. Got my attention right off the bat