Finding Love Behind Bars  l.s.

Finding Love Behind Bars l.s.

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The Xena-rchy By LouisHindqxarters Completed

"Have you ever been to jail before?"

"Uh, only in monopoly"

Or one where Louis is stuck in a cellar with a dodgy looking curly haired bad boy for stealing a pack of ciggies.

(Good read. Not a good book. )

I didn't know I was reading confessions of a gay Disney prince
I've stolen a $50 purse by accident when I was like 4 but when I tried stealing a $0.25 gum pack I get kicked out from the store smh
How do u understand it... do u smoke too? If u do talk 2 me plzzzzzz
-adidas -adidas Jul 16
Is this an alternate universe??? Did I fall into a wormhole??
IAmTurtle IAmTurtle Feb 24
Damn thats cheap. 2 packs of smokes and a bag of lollies in Aus is like  $50aud at least.
Would be like 20€ or something in Germany.. The Cigarettes are expensive