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Reece Maxwell, age 14, missing for 2 years, last seen, August 12th, 2013 
(Now age 16)

Jack Shields, age 7, missing for 4 years, last seen, August 12th, 2011
  (Now age, 11)

Daniel James, age 10, missing for 7 years, Last seen, August 12th, 2008
 (Now age 17) 

Emily Dawson, age 17, missing  for 48hrs, last seen August 12th, 2015

sydneycar sydneycar Dec 03
Is Reece a boy or girl? I thought it was a girl but now i'm confused
Pranay1998 Pranay1998 Jun 19
पुणेकर- उंदिर मारायचेऔषध द्या 
                              दुकानदार-घरी न्यायचय का ?
                              पुणेकर- नाही...... उंदिर सोबत आणलाय ईथच खाऊ घालतो 😜😜
O0oPandao0O O0oPandao0O Nov 23
Did any1 see the movie "the prison of angels?"  is there any reference between the two?
For all people wondering,Daniels another guy who got kidnapped.
Instantly thinks of the Hunger Games.
                              I know,I have problems.
colechkw colechkw Aug 07, 2015
lol u asked me to read ur book and i am loving it!!! only on chapter 1 but who cares its still good !