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The Serpantking By serpantking Updated Apr 07

P.O.V. Weiss 

I was in a good mood today. I mean I was in a fantastic mood. Why you may ask because my boyfriend [Name] had finally come back.

A month ago [Name] and his team had been selected to go on a mission. All his team had returned all except for [Name].

When I had got word of this I was crushed. After he had asked me out on our first date I was a bit sceptical at first. But after that I had taken a liking to the him.

We started dating shortly after. I had genuinely fallen in love with him. So when I had heard he went M.I.A. it made me a bit more withdrawn than usual.

He gave me a feeling like no one else did or ever had. I had even gotten to the point to where I didn't even try to hide my feelings for him. I let him hug me in public. I told him I loved him in front of others. It even got to the point where I was kissing him!

Admittedly the first date he asked me out on I only agreed to go so Jaune would quiet asking me. I had never intended to fall for him I know exactly ...

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