The Vampire's Slave (Otherworld Series #1)

The Vampire's Slave (Otherworld Series #1)

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Christina & Lita By TheEndless2122 Completed

He pulled me roughly and threw me on the bed then he slowly smiled.
I could see his eyes turning dark red and his face darkened. 
He looked utterly evil.

" Master Please. " I tried pleading again.

He grinned evilly again as he removed his belt and threw it on the ground. I wimpered and started crying as I came to know what he was going to do to me.

He removed his shirt and threw it on the ground. Then he climbed on the bed. As soon as he did, I turned to crawl away from the bed but he caught me by the waist and laughed in my ears.

"Running away? There's no running away from me. Nobody will help you here. Your all mine." He said in my ears.

I trembled as he slowly put his hands under my shirt and took it off.
He then ripped my pants away revelling my red bra and red underware. 

" Mmmm." He moaned in my ears " my favourite colour." He wispered. 


Follow June through her life full of hardships as a slave with her master.  

(Mature Content)

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catpink0323994 catpink0323994 Mar 19, 2017
Maybe it's just my imagination but you sound like you're going to rob someone no offense to the writer
Butterfly4Love Butterfly4Love May 03, 2017
I like the story so far but damn girl you need to read it coz it's shellfish thing to do with such poor grammar- but I do love the story... 🤗😍😘
catpink0323994 catpink0323994 Mar 20, 2017
Damn I like this guy she sarcastic he might be a douche but he won me over somehow I laugh at this so hard in my daily life you don't even know Pius never created this like I love you just saying saying marry me actually no I want to marry Pius
SkylarKing1738 SkylarKing1738 Dec 17, 2017
Why are they always disgusting pigs no offense to the writer I love the story so far
ur_bbg_kay ur_bbg_kay Jan 17
YES IVE FOUND THIS BOOK AFTER SO LONG! Ive read it before but I forgot the name!!!
Yep the  family rule of having a sex slave, ugh........ totally understand...... NOT!