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The Vampire's Slave (Otherworld Series #1)

The Vampire's Slave (Otherworld Series #1)

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Bookworm By Kymopolia36 Completed

He pulled me roughly and threw me on the bed then he slowly smiled.
I could see his eyes turning dark red and his face darkened. 
He looked utterly evil.

" Master Please. " I tried pleading again.

He grinned evilly again as he removed his belt and threw it on the ground. I wimpered and started crying as I came to know what he was going to do to me.

He removed his shirt and threw it on the ground. Then he climbed on the bed. As soon as he did, I turned to crawl away from the bed but he caught me by the waist and laughed in my ears.

"Running away? There's no running away from me. Nobody will help you here. Your all mine." He said in my ears.

I trembled as he slowly put his hands under my shirt and took it off.
He then ripped my pants away revelling my red bra and red underware. 

" Mmmm." He moaned in my ears " my favourite colour." He wispered. 


Follow June through her life full of hardships as a slave with her master.  

(Mature Content)

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