『  Smile  』【 Yandere!Kageyama x Reader 】Haikyuu!! Based

『 Smile 』【 Yandere!Kageyama x Reader 】Haikyuu!! Based

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hisokuro By hisokuro Updated Sep 01, 2015

(( I don't own Kageyama Tobio ))

Why don't you love me? Am I not good enough? Am I too weak? Why won't you notice me? Why? I love you so much, why can't you see that? 

. . .

Fine, I'll show you how much I love you.

Warning: Suggestive, Dark, and Horrific Themes. 

I'll probably do lots of editing later so beware.

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DiAkoSiAna DiAkoSiAna Feb 19
oh my goodness why does Tobio killed Ryuto like how i killed my bitch friend?
DiAkoSiAna DiAkoSiAna Feb 19
Don't worry when i'm in a bad mood i usually suffocating random until they were out of breath so it's fine.
Kaka_Shi Kaka_Shi Mar 12
He'd have to bend over to make eye contact smh I hate my small legs
Kaka_Shi Kaka_Shi Mar 12
I'm a horrible person for saying this and deserved to be smacked aftwerwards for it, but hey at least school got cancelled. *instantly bombarded with fists*
Kaka_Shi Kaka_Shi Mar 12
We talking about Trashykawa? Ok sweetie whatever helps you sleep at night.
Kaka_Shi Kaka_Shi Mar 12
How I read anonymous and remember how to spell it: A-Nany-Mouse