『  Smile  』【 Yandere!Kageyama x Reader 】Haikyuu!! Based

『 Smile 』【 Yandere!Kageyama x Reader 】Haikyuu!! Based

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hisokuro By hisokuro Updated Sep 01, 2015

(( I don't own Kageyama Tobio ))

Why don't you love me? Am I not good enough? Am I too weak? Why won't you notice me? Why? I love you so much, why can't you see that? 

. . .

Fine, I'll show you how much I love you.

Warning: Suggestive, Dark, and Horrific Themes. 

I'll probably do lots of editing later so beware.

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Deep_Ending Deep_Ending Oct 04
....... have to laugh..... dad in room.... can't laugh help!
Making it seem like suicide is always a good way to murder people
                              I'm proud of my son
50 shades of blueberry (hehe, he looks like a blueberry... A dangerous...ass... blueberry...O_O)
iamchoiting iamchoiting Sep 23
Yes, Ryuto. Can I please come with you? I want to watch him die for ever existing.
-Nauru- -Nauru- Aug 16
he's just a little farmer 
                              he isn't scary
                              stop bullying him :^(
iamchoiting iamchoiting Sep 23
WHY THE EFF AM I BLUSHING?! Shoot, get the dirty thoughts out. GET THE DIRTY THOUGHTS OUT.