Now You Like Me?(Jelsa)

Now You Like Me?(Jelsa)

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I wish I could turn back time,
To the good ol' days,
When my mama sang us to sleep but now we're stressed out.

-Twenty One Pilots, Stressed Out

* * * * * * * * *

I wish I could tell you right now how much I love you. 

But I can't. 

I know how much I've hurt you, and I regret it now. I've always believed that you'll never be a part of my life, and now. On my last breaths, I just realized that, How on earth can you not be part of my life, when you ARE my life. 

You may not be reading this but I just really wanna tell you what I think your thinking right now. You're thinking: "Seriously? Now you like me?" I laughed at that also. But just know I love you. Even if I just realized it now. 

Even if I just realized it on my last few final breaths.

Even if I just realized it with the help of cancer.

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October 25, 2015 - May 7, 2016

Status: Completed

Sorry if it doesn't make any sense like at all. I wrote this story when I was a noob actually so yeah. Haha.


Credits to: toseeyoursmile for the f**king amazing cover.

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whensnowmelts whensnowmelts Jun 02, 2017
I love how you already got the characters' personalities sort out clearly in the first chapter! They are all full of life! ❤️❤️
I-am-a-Jelsa-lover I-am-a-Jelsa-lover May 31, 2016
I followed you on inestagram. If you saw a user with i-am-a-robrae-jelsa-fan name, that's me. 😊
AllyHofferson AllyHofferson Jan 15, 2016
Well at least you're wearing clothes not like the other slutty girls (no offense, im also a girl)
AllyHofferson AllyHofferson Jan 15, 2016
I used to do this when i was in Primary School... high five elsa
- - Jan 13, 2016
This story makes sense, it sounded interesting so I hope it'll turn out good!!!
boldIy boldIy Jan 12, 2016
Elsa doesn't like you ugly bum she hates you u stupid bipolar bïtch