My Melody, Your Voice [Seventeen FanFic]

My Melody, Your Voice [Seventeen FanFic]

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чαnαѕє míчukí-ѕαmα By XoXoXiuMimi Updated Feb 15

Description: Tae Hyeonji (You) are childhood friends with Jeonghan and Joshua. Best friends with Seungkwan, Dino, The8 and Jun.

Apparently, you transferred to Shiwon High, a music school where people from all around the school come to produce music and hopefully, when gets graduated, debut. There, you met a popular kingka gang. The people in the gang are DK, Hoshi, Woozi, Vernon and the so-called Trio Princes of Shiwon High: Wonwoo, Mingyu and S.COUPS. Ever since you and your friends came there, there was nothing but troubles and problems between your gang and the kingka gang.

But then what if you were told by your principal that your gang and the kingka gang had to become a group and debut together and that you're their manager?

What's going to happen during your high school life? What's going to happen when debuting? What would happen? FIND OUT!!!

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Michaela1boss Michaela1boss Jul 24, 2017
Ppali ppali pihae right Cherry Bomb feel it yum, IM THE BIGGEST HIT IM THE BIGGEST HIT ON THIS STAGE!
realkawaiisugar realkawaiisugar Oct 25, 2017
Aww jealous he can't find his perfect girl? Well don't worry go look in the trash if you talk bad things about our cute tall main character 😂 ( sorry I forgot how to spell her name.. 😭 please accept my sorrows. )
idonthavealifehere idonthavealifehere Jun 24, 2017
How do you pronounce her name 
                              I have a lisp and it's screwing me over
NeoCulturalBangtan NeoCulturalBangtan Jul 27, 2017
I can only sing and dance and kinda rap but I never really tried composing a song or writing lyrics~
_BabyNeptoon_ _BabyNeptoon_ Jun 13, 2017
                              JUST LIKE TT AYEEEE
                              SOME KOREAN WORD I DON'T KNOW
                              I DON'T KNOW
                              I'M LIKE TT YAS
                              I'M LIKE TT YASSS
                              MY ANGEL JUST REJCTED MEEEEEEEㅠㅠ
sweet_army16 sweet_army16 Jul 30, 2017
'the tall attractive guy' there are like billions of them in seventeen minus 1 so like who? XD