Sear (Alex Summers/Havok Fanfic)

Sear (Alex Summers/Havok Fanfic)

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Secret_Story_Teller_ By Secret_Story_Teller_ Updated Jul 19, 2015

Being a mutant isn't exactly the greatest thing a kid could dream of. Sure you get superpowers and you get to do cool stuff but, that only happens in books and comics. In the real world you are seen as a different person, as a freak, as a danger to the humans. Many mutants suffer the consequences of being different, like Natalye Prime. She was put in a mental institute by her own parents when she was just seven years old. She moved from institute to institute for 12 years until one day Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr found her and took her in along with the other mutants. She reunited with an old friend, gained new ones and caught the eye of a certain male mutant. Will their love be possible? Will it be able to last while they prepare to fight an enemy? Find out in "Sear."

I don't own X-Men or the charcters just my character, Natalye Prime a.k.a Sear.

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