The Gangleader

The Gangleader

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ashleyraelayne By ashleyraelayne Updated Jul 04, 2015

As I walk up stairs to surprise my boyfriend for our anniversary I hear moaning. It gets louder and louder and when I open his bedroom door I cannot believe what I see, he is having sex with another girl. I drop his present on the ground and he looks over at me and by now I am in tears. I run as fast as I can and he comes running after me and by the time I get to my car he grabs my arm and says "Please, Layne I love you. It was a mistake. Please don't do this."

"No the mistake was wasting a year of my life with you!" 

"You know what fuck you! I wasted all this time with you. Well guess what, I was sleeping with other people this entire time."

By now I am in tears and I open my car door and I am about to sit down when I turn back to him and say "fuck you!" then he hits me.

I just start my car and start to drive away as he chases my car and tells me that he loves me.

I go down the road to a coffee shop and I sit down and close my eyes for a second.

"WAKE THE FUCK UP BITCH" my best ...

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breyelia breyelia Nov 28, 2017
u need to let it go need to let it go I to the I to the no no no
I’m laughing because this is so stupid and pathetic of what he is doing
gaurijain12 gaurijain12 Oct 18, 2017
this is 
                              CRACKING ME UP SO MUCH
                              almost as much as i wanna put a CRACK IN HIS FACE...
JMes_BonD JMes_BonD Feb 16
And guess what I was doing this entire time...........eating fvcking McDonald’s and watching Netflix so bruh do you have a problem with the fact I’ve been cheating on you as well with Netflix huh..........COME AT ME BRO COME AT ME
Deyadoesnotcare Deyadoesnotcare Nov 25, 2017
Oh? So we ate flipping tables now? So YOU are the victim? Oh how sad is that
gaurijain12 gaurijain12 Oct 18, 2017
oh my darling 
                              i forgive 
                              come here
                              i love you too...
                              UR FAKE APOLOGY AND UR  INCH PENIS CAN GO ELSE WHERE