Ready for the Fall // Destiel

Ready for the Fall // Destiel

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Every single day, Dean Winchester waits for the man in the trench coat to show up for his painfully complicated coffee at exactly three-forty-five.

And every single day, he does.

Until one day he doesn't.

It's a regular Thursday afternoon when Castiel Novak seemingly drops off the face of the earth. Dean shouldn't look back, yet he finds himself intrigued by the quirky, blue eyed man and his sudden disappearance


I don't own the characters, or Starbucks (obviously). The title and chapter names are also based off of The Fall by Imagine Dragons, and it isn't related to any of my other fics

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Im reading this because im starting to ship Megstiel and I must restore order
Im only a few paragraphs in and this is already like water to nourish the Destiel part of my ship garden
I just imagine a sign that says "1 extra donut if your name is Castiel"
Was it in the cage too? Luci must've taken his anger out on poor iPhone there instead of Adam for once lol
Spike941 Spike941 Jul 05
Am I the only one associating this with Jared and how he stole Robs phone once and had it for like .05 seconds yet still managed to tweet "I hate children" on his twitter?
He dropped it from Heaven because he didn't understand texting.