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bound by love Sting and Lucy

bound by love Sting and Lucy

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Samuel McMillan By fairytail1997 Updated Jan 25, 2016

Lucy has an argument with Natsu while on a mission and it gets out of hand, Natsu beats Lucy near to death but stopped and starts to verbally abuse her. he leaves her bleeding to death in a forest not far from the Sabertooth guild, Lucy finds her self at the front doors of  Sabertooth as she gets closer to the doors she falls unconscious 
later she finds her self in an infirmary fully healed not gonna say any more you will have to read to find out. all after the grand magic games 
i declare that I do not own fairy tail in the slightest. (wish i did though, would be quite interesting)

Wait a minute. Hold up he actually beat a girl who didn't have the chance to defend herself yet he used his strongest spell just to hit her. That weak on some real type sh**.
TheCrafter250 TheCrafter250 Jul 10, 2016
Yeeeeaaah...this would NEVER HAPPEN STINGLU IS DEAD TO ME!!! NALU ROCK >:(
SoulFairy786 SoulFairy786 Aug 29, 2016
Me: Can I tell you something Natsu?
                              Natsu: Sure?
                              Me: Natsu GO TO HELL!!!!!
                              Me: *gets a sledgehammer* who wants to help me kill Natsu?😊
Me: stingy bee! Guess what!!?
                              Sting: FIRST, my name is NOT stingy bee and second of all, wut is it
                              Me: natshu! Natshu!
                              Sting: wut do u mean natsu?
                              Me: he hurt lushee!
                              Me and sting: has one eye red and glowing and then goes in dragon force and demon force( something I made up :D) and go kill natsu-
- - Apr 20, 2016
Hey Sting if you saw a burnt mark think of Natsu, k cuz he uses fire dragon slaying magic
What's funny is that they r enemies *applause* nicely done Sting