The Girl in the Yellow Dress (ON HOLD!)

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Blair! By SnazzyReader Updated 4 years ago
**Prequel to An Arranged Marriage to a Jerk** Connor Danielson may seem like the high school player, but underneath that cool facade is a guy longing for a girl he saw years ago on the first day of high school. It was love at first sight; she was in a yellow dress, but he's never been able to find her since that first day. Suddenly, when the memories start resurfacing, Connor is faced with a proposition to save his father's failing law firm. But is he willing to give up on the girl in the yellow dress? Or will he take a chance on a love that might not even exist?
Dude...Halo is the BOMB. As an avid gamer chick, I can honestly say the only reason I got an xbox was to play Halo.
                                    I luh-ved dis! ♥ YHuu have GOT to rite more! :D I always luv cliche :D
Great so far! :) I think it will help me understand him better in future chapters but the story just started so not yet. :)
Love it! Just as good as the first two Aranged... To A Jerk books!
This is amazing! Please upload! I am super curious on who the girl in the yellow girl is and i can't wait for the next chapters!:) Oh and he needs to get married, to whom? i am so excited for the next chapter, great story!:)
I think it's nice reading from Connor's POV! Loved it, continue continue continue!