The Man

The Man

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**Sequel to "The Machine"**

He was no longer the same person I had gotten to know and love in the past few years; he was back to being the same man I had meet back in high school. He no longer had the same shiny look in his eyes when he looked at me, instead they now had that voidful stare he had when I had first seen him fight.

"Things between us have changed, and it's time we move on."

I closed my eyes and heard his fading footsteps as the door closed behind him.

The Man©

»»Contains strong language««

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Sweetie103 Sweetie103 Feb 25
How is he grazed near his shoulder but a few inches above he elbow
I'm upset that I can't vote more than once for chapters...... They need this, because... just because.
Yeah I wanted to surprise everyone with the baby!!! 😍😍😍
I WASN'T READY!!!!!!! *cries*
                               I got scared for a second there. *stops crying*
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Aww...I hope it's a boy...but I have a feeling something going to happen to the baby