Possessive Uncle

Possessive Uncle

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Lily By lilychar1D Updated Aug 21, 2017

I looked up at the tall attractive man who I spilled fruit punch on, my hands began to shake in fear as he looked back at me. He looked agressive and intimidating which scared me, it didn't help that he looked at me with such disgust.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry" I whispered bringing my hands to my lips in shock. Before I could stop myself I was patting his white stained shirt rapidly with napkins.

"I d-didn't mean to, honest. I'm -" my words were stopped by a massive hand gripping my wrist.

"you aren't giving such a good impression to uncle now are dear?" He leaned in as he spoke to me.

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its_cute_2 its_cute_2 Oct 22, 2017
Wow! This is a first time in my whole life I hear a woman will be married in 3 mouths ..*clapp hand*
Oh well we don't want it to get ripped so let's unzip it,  say it with me unzip now spell it       u-n-z-i-p
bookishgirl90 bookishgirl90 May 29, 2017
I like everything you said so this story is definitely for me. 👍
GamerGirlPlayReader GamerGirlPlayReader Aug 01, 2017
Your right! Just like it would be such a pity if I punched you
DAWHHH DAWHHH Jul 23, 2017
Gurl u don't need to care about your "mother" wen u don't give a fûck about her and wat u do and PLUS, which one sounds worser, a women who left her family for a guy she had an affair with or her daughter accidentally got fruit punch on her "to be uncle" so u choose😑😑😑
DAWHHH DAWHHH Jul 23, 2017
Also the one who should be embarrassed is the one who got fruit punch on them tf😂😂😂