London's Bad Girl.

London's Bad Girl.

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MoonlightScribbles By MoonlightScribbles Updated Dec 08, 2017

After moving from the lively New York City, to the not so boring London, was it really a surprise that drama would rise? Nicole Andersini, fitting in perfectly with the special city, easily adjusted. After meeting London's Bad Boy, anyone could have guessed what would happen. Love, drama, lies, and fights were only some of the things that evolved. 

Now it's summer. The group has graduated and are looking forward to their summer vacation. Being away from home for three months and surrounded by friends, everyone can guess what is to happen. With Victor still alive and demanding the computer chip, drama and violence are guaranteed. 

In the matter of a year, Nicole went from sweet and immature to sarcastic and fierce. 
But was it really a shock that Drew Taylor took Nicole Andersini under his wing;

It's what is expected from London's Bad Boy. 
He was meant to create;

London's Bad Girl.


Yes you do need to read London's Bad Boy to understand this story as it is the sequel.
Disclaimer** Based off of movie Getaway.  (*Unoriginal story).

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nxcolemorris nxcolemorris Nov 14, 2016
when your born and raised in London and your name is Nicole. xx
emiliecanavese emiliecanavese May 23, 2016
Hello dear how are you doing today i hope you are doing very well please my dear friend i have something very important to tell you so please contact me to my email box now okay? ( ).
Is she related to Jerry, Theresa, Max, Justin, or Alex Russo
hesisloml hesisloml Sep 30, 2015
"i'm  sixteen years old you can't keep telling me what to do!" 
                              "Watch me!" 
                              "I wish you and dad had never even met!"
                              And that's how you know you're a Disney nerd
Infatuated_Girl Infatuated_Girl Sep 20, 2015
That game where you be ready to fight when your partner lets it fall
MischiefManaged01 MischiefManaged01 Jul 27, 2015
I've never seen someone use my middle name spelled like it too!