You're Last Breath [Discontinued]

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Lovegame_18 By Lovegame_18 Updated 2 years ago
Sex, Beer, Drugs, and Blood. Add in alittle Truth or Dare into the mix and what do you get? Lots and lots of regret. What would you do to impress you're crush, friends? Would you make out with another guy/gal, drink liquor and beer together, or stroll into an old underground abandoned scientist laboratory? Decisions, decisions, decisions.   *************  We'll this is one of the new stories I'm currently working on. This one is also a remake of something I did long ago. So Now I feel obligated to do it! I really hope you guys will love this and the other new romantic drama comedy one im doing, I feel I'm capable of really stepping it up on these two new stories I'm writting! So I hope you enjoy them and just have fun reading them!
I love ur cast! JOSHUA BOMAN!!! HES GORGEOUS!!!!!!