Another Assassin! (A Hunter x Hunter Fanfic)

Another Assassin! (A Hunter x Hunter Fanfic)

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When Chitsu Alrckz was 6 years old, her entire family was murdered by a blacklist Hunter who goes by the name of It. The Alrckz's were the best assassins around putting the Zoldycks in second. Chitsu managed to run away during the massacre because of her training since birth. However, her entire family died. She ended up staying living in the forest with some supports from a village. There she peacefully lives with the animals who happily took her in. 
When Chitsu turned 9, out of no where, she had the ability to control all the elements (wind, water, fire, earth and lightning). She had also learned to control her scarlet eyes (she is also a Kurta). With this power she trained until she turned 12 and participated in the 287th Hunter's Exam so she could revenge her family and continue their legacy.

-inspired by Elementally Gifted

thanks to @AMJackson11 for the cover!

If the girl's strong enough to kill her, isn't there no point in being taught by the wolf?
JuliaDragneel JuliaDragneel Sep 01, 2016
I think it's funny how you said she yeeted out of the mansion😂
-_Salty_- -_Salty_- Feb 22, 2016
Kuroo-senpai Kuroo-senpai May 16, 2016
Why aren't you just writing in english? I mean things like sahings 'ara ara' or 'maa' i don't really mind once in a while but rlly? Using so many romaji things? I mean everyone understands them but still.
Wendy5050 Wendy5050 Jul 22, 2016
im rereading this book bc y not? so if u see some extra comments from me,MN its because its my second timu
SingingFish_ SingingFish_ Nov 07, 2015
The chapter is too abrupt. It's too fast for a sorrowful start.