Avengers *Parental* Preferences

Avengers *Parental* Preferences

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Audrey Warner By Audrey_Warner Updated Jul 29

Shipped parental preferences.

They are:

Pepperony(Pepper and Tony)

Romanogers(Steve and Natasha)

Thor and Jane

Maria and Ted

Bruce and Betty

Clint and Laura

Scarlett Soldier

Loki × Darcy

AlexTran760 AlexTran760 May 25
Im sad, i ship Captain Hill, if anything, why isnt Maria with Barney?!
                              Aou is a party pooper for raining on this parade
that is the best ship name ever. You could make that an actual last name. Kaitlyn Romanogers. Lucas Romanogers. Omg xD
Um steve im worried now and also congrats on making romanogers posible
AlexTran760 AlexTran760 May 25
D; no! Its supposed to be Barney! *goes to her corner and sits down, crosses her arms, muttering about how this isnt right*
                              IM DYING HERE RIGHT NOW AT THIS!!!