Avengers *Parental* Preferences

Avengers *Parental* Preferences

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Audrey Warner By Audrey_Warner Updated Apr 02

Shipped Parental Preferences.

They are:

Pepperony(Pepper and Tony)

Romanogers(Steve and Natasha)

Thor and Jane

Maria and Ted

Bruce and Betty

Clint and Laura

Scarlett Soldier

Loki × Darcy

we got 
                              Lila Nicole Barton (Real Middle Names) 
                              Cooper Phil Barton (Cute) 
                              Nathaniel Pietro Barton (Da baby)
                              And the eldest (My OC). 
                              Kai Danielle Barton or Y/n M/n Barton
TheHumanPlatypus TheHumanPlatypus Dec 18, 2016
Thank god! In my house I'm the youngest with 4 older brothers😵
PotterPoptart PotterPoptart Mar 03, 2016
that is the best ship name ever. You could make that an actual last name. Kaitlyn Romanogers. Lucas Romanogers. Omg xD
kittyclaws202 kittyclaws202 Nov 23, 2016
Um steve im worried now and also congrats on making romanogers posible
ModernRaisedAngel ModernRaisedAngel Dec 22, 2016
I just want to say That I have finally found someone who thinks steve and nat should be parents together
EmilyTheNinja16 EmilyTheNinja16 Mar 02, 2016
                              IM DYING HERE RIGHT NOW AT THIS!!!