Charming Darcy ( A Modern Austen Story)

Charming Darcy ( A Modern Austen Story)

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Katie Burgdorff By kdburg Updated Oct 08, 2018

A classic, timeless love story written by Jane Austen.....with a few modern quirks added into the mix.

Elizabeth Bennett-our heroine-in-training. A spunky, "no nonsense" attitude who throws insults to those who deserve them. Fiercely loyal to friends and sisters, she's a little too big for earth. 

William Darcy-our "snobby, rich guy" turning into "potential boyfriend material". Currently dating a sneering, stuck up model but has his attention towards a funky girl with major attitude problems. 

An unlikely duo, caught in lies, love triangles, and adventures blown out of proportion. If you want drama, step right into this magical land of angry-beer-throwing girls and predator-like stalking girlfriends. A once quaint novel now just got a whole heck of a lot modernized. 

Click "Read".....if you dare. Watch out for flying fluids.

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