Forever Seventeen - To Be Rewritten/Edited

Forever Seventeen - To Be Rewritten/Edited

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Kelly By XKellyAshtenX Updated May 19, 2011

Ebony has a secret. A secret she has to keep from everyone, including her family and friends.


Ebony Moore is an Immortal, and she has no clue as to how it happened to her and why. So not knowing how to deal with this knowledge about herself, she leaves her hometown, and moves to a place where noone knows her. She restarts her junior year of high school at twenty-two, even though her looks decieve her and say shes seventeen. Blessing to some, a curse to her, Ebony lives with her secret, and struggles to keep it hidden from her new friends.


Soon after she begins her first day she meets a mysterious guy who changes everything. Carter Wright. Ebony despises Carter, but there is something off about him that draws her to him. Ebony thinks somehow he holds knowledge of her Immortality and can possibly reverse it. What turns will Ebony's journey to discover herself take, and what will she learn about her past that will determine her endless future?

Cover By: JustNattie

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XKellyAshtenX XKellyAshtenX May 22, 2012
@StilettoSisters I just looked at the description of your story.. It doesn't seem similar to me, except the immortal part. And there are it of immortal stories out there. Esp ever since the immortals books came out.
XKellyAshtenX XKellyAshtenX May 22, 2012
@StilettoSisters Well I can promise you I didnt copy you, this book was started back in 2010 and it says yours was started last year. Mines just been on hold for a while cuz I want to rewrite/edit it eventually.
StilettoSisters StilettoSisters May 21, 2012
This is kind-of-sort-of just like my book, Secretly Immortal. Not saying you copied, but it's just kind of.. idk.. coincidental.
kacie27 kacie27 May 14, 2011
is she gunna be a vamp???? cuz that can get old. i will keep reading though bcuz if this is even 1/2 as good as cali dreamming then its gunna be great
momokitty momokitty Nov 22, 2010
Wow...! this is sooo interesting! I wonder if she could be a vampire??
                               You are a great writer! :)
Daisie Daisie Sep 16, 2010
Oh, this is good!! :)
                              What is she?
                              Oooh, she might be shadow-kissed, like Rose in the vampire academy, i'm on the fifth pook a few pages to go.