50 shades of Hisoka (Hisoka X OC fanfic)

50 shades of Hisoka (Hisoka X OC fanfic)

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Jo-chan By Jo-chan Updated Jul 29

"You are mine. 
And you shall always be at my side.

Even if I have to break or kill you for it."

24-year old Kurumi and her 8-year old sister Yori has suddenly been transported to the world of HunterxHunter after coming to an anime carnival. 
However, things are weirder than they seem. 
Having entered the world with NO clothes on, capturing some of the troupe's attention, and being Hisoka's 'submissive', What is in store for Kurumi?

A dark past, An alien hatred for Hisoka, a hot heroine, a kissing monster, and an innocent 8-year old who pretty much exposes things she see... 

What will happen with these combinations?


Warning: Lemon and fanservice.
=___= This is basically my first attempt in Lemon.

i love this child, she's 8 and already making people lose their souls. So proud :')
I'm not innocent since the age of 8 and I won't say why......fine, my uncle is a Pedo and showed me his thingy
@iJerishinity  Heyy! I just found this story. And the first thing went on my mind is you! Cause it's HISOKA! Your idol/crush? And this is hentai. I'll not read this cause im too innocent! Haha. Enjoy~!
RimHkr RimHkr Nov 10, 2015
Oh my god!! XD i should've seen this one coming!!! Thanks for making this it's like, so accurate,  starting from the title! Aaah thank you xD