Speak Now (Louis Tomlinson)

Speak Now (Louis Tomlinson)

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"But you promised. You pinky promised," I whispered.

"Odette let it go already! That was a long time ago. We were kids. It meant nothing... And besides, I'm married now. I can't be with you any longer."

I stared hard into the eyes of my best friend. This was not him; he would never say something like that to me. Who was this cruel heart breaker?

I shoved my guitar into his hands, the one he had bought me because we were best friends and he loved me. "Fine. Here. Take it."

Now he was the one staring at me. "W-Why are you giving this to me?"

"Because... If this is really goodbye, then I don't want it anymore. I don't want another reminder of the guy who broke my heart for some girl he barely knows." 

I then watched as his face crumpled like paper and a tear slipped from his eye. But before I had a chance to see anymore, I spun around and walked briskly in the other direction. Away from him. Away from the life I once shared with a man I truly loved. Louis Tomlinson.

Ahhhh the midnight memories we had in 2013. No one ever mentioned a hiatus during 2013
Ew taylor swift I had nothing against her b4 one direction but now I have everything against her.
Lmao These comments killing me I ship it so hard (guys we can't be mean just in case Louis sees the comments, you have to secretly hate her!)
Welp, that's really close to March 22, the day of tears and broken teenage souls
Inavosho Inavosho Jan 12
wedding crashers idea: serve a classy dress but add seasoning of the hoe
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You made a louis tomlinson book when and why am I late to know this