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Note: Fairy Tail and all it's characters do NOT belong to me. I make no profit from this work and it is written purely for my own pleasure!


Note: This story begins after the end of the Edolas arc, so anything after that will be AU but not by much, just somewhat alter. Also, the battle of Fairy Tail will have a different ending outcome. (Laxus did not get kicked out, because then my story wouldn't be able to work). 


I, Lucy Heartfilia, fell in love with my best friend. 

I know you are all thinking that it's Natsu, well, you all are wrong. 

It's not him.

No, it's not Gray either, and no, it's not Erza.

It's some one you least expect. 

Someone you didn't even know I was friends with. 

Okay, I'll give you all a hint.

He, yes it's a guy, is in the guild. He is tall, 
muscular, and blond.
I'm pretty sure the last bit gave you the answer.

I fell in love with Laxus Drayer.
Unexpected right? 

Well we became friends about a year and a half ago, after we got back ...

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Today is Veterans Day and so we honor military members, past and present so I say to you Thank You for your service and courage
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Ok thats just wrong! Lucy would never fall in love with Erza!
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Ur in the military? If u are then thank u for serving, it means a lot to us. Also, Lalu is one of my favorite ships!
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