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Moving On: Book 1 (PJO/HoO FanFic)

Moving On: Book 1 (PJO/HoO FanFic)

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Suzy_Q By SuzyQ_ Completed


What would you do if everything you had was taken? Your family, friends, home? How about your dreams, your love, your life? Would you accept death, or will you just run away hoping to start a new life?

Perseus Jackson was faced with this decision at age 18. Everything was taken away from him, so what did he have left? A mortal family? Pfft, yeah right. Immortal family? Well...what other choice does he have?

Poseidon took Percy under his wing and offered him a new life. He could start all over and join him. Nobody will ever be able to break him again, and he could do whatever he wanted...

Who would deny this offer? Not Percy. Though, he wished he did after many conflicts arose...

So I will say this once and one time only, I DO NOT OWN PJO/HoO! Ok? Ok.

The pain domain is kind of ironic bc he just went through a lot of pain just a second ago
First thought when I thought I aced a test and got a b instead of an a
I think I read something very familiar to this, but I don't know where.
Hold up... Was Gea or however you spell it mentioned...? Cuz I read through that and I'm like 'Damn'
Le gasp
                              Is Zues being...obedient...and NICE!!! WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME YO
This is why I like Demeter.  No dramatics.  Although the Cereal habit is a bit crazy.