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Mianhae Dear Chingu (BTS Jin x reader fanfic)Completed

Mianhae Dear Chingu (BTS Jin x reader fanfic)Completed

47.7K Reads 2K Votes 56 Part Story
BaeMax By LexesCTSA Completed

Your father was in charge of the BigHit studio recording (something like that) while your mother was a model who decided to be a make-up artist in BigHit.

Once you met BTS, your days went by faster than ever!

Until Jin started picking on you for an unknown reason...

© LexesCTSA

Book one: MianHae Dear Chingu (Jin X reader)
Book two: Love Me Back (Jungkook X reader)
Book three: ABTwins (Jin and Jungkook X reader)


{started: July 5 2015}
{ended: December 9 2015}

naughtae naughtae Jan 13
                              and author-nim, I want to help you so excuse me if I correct you; but it should be "your parents were pretty concerned," not "concern." I hope I didn't sound rude D: I just wanna help c:
KawaiiLilyChan KawaiiLilyChan Jul 06, 2016
Jin? Why are you shouting at me from the kitchen? Did Namjopn appa (I don't know if that is right) break something or burn the kitchen?
I almost cried when our stupid neighbors decided it was a good idea to shoot fireworks in the middle of the night the day after Christmas. And it sounded like someone was at my window.
Neko_Full_Moon Neko_Full_Moon Feb 08, 2016
Don't worry!!!!!!no hate comments coming from me ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ
naughtae naughtae Jan 13
don't worry i know exactly what being a noob feels like 😂😂😂😂🔫 i cringe whenever i read my old writing
ZymophoreStrings ZymophoreStrings May 05, 2016
So many please XD I find that hard to type :) Is your fingers tired?