A Love Like No Other

A Love Like No Other

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Charlotte Leclair was asked to do the biggest thing known to werewolves; let her mate love another. 

"I would give up anything in the world to make him happy, even if that meant letting him go..."                                  

WARNING: Mature themes and content. Read at your own risk. 

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InfernoJinx InfernoJinx Apr 15, 2017
Hey its me Hannah.....Hanner Baker ..live and in action 😂😅😅😅
AG-Medina AG-Medina Oct 17, 2017
@ZeroWineThirty Levi and Charlotte? Your story is everywhere or is following me. My heart is still breaking for ur story.
UnpredictableMargret UnpredictableMargret Apr 28, 2017
I would let him go too.....I know I'm going to love this story
Brooke_AM Brooke_AM Oct 26, 2017
Did anyone else hear the DUN DUN sound from the law and order SVU intro?
TheAlex-and-ri-a TheAlex-and-ri-a Oct 20, 2017
I like her, she is not complaining about what her situation is.
ShadeBladez ShadeBladez Feb 28, 2016
Brah, just think if it as a favor. Now you can be with anyone you want!