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Bitten || Teen Wolf (Theo Raeken Fanfiction) {UNDER HEAVY EDITING}

Bitten || Teen Wolf (Theo Raeken Fanfiction) {UNDER HEAVY EDITING}

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Sassi Mouse By CinderMouse Updated Nov 15, 2016

Sixteen year old, Cressanna "Cress" Stilinski used to be normal. She used to have normal friends. Now she's best friends with a werewolf or two. 

She can't say she's normal either, also being a werewolf. 

Everything has started to change in her world. Her friends, that she's known forever, have started growing further away from her and closer to everyone else. 

She's also grown closer to Liam Dunbar - the newbie wolf with anger issues. She spends most of her time with him... until a blast from the past shows up. 

Theo Raeken. 

Cress used to spend lots of time with Theo and his sister, until she died, causing the Raekens to flee from Beacon Hills. 

Theo insists he came back for Scott. But what if he also came back for her?

I only own Cressanna "Cress" Stilinski. (Please don't steal her!) And maybe a few others.

Storyline came from episodes with a few other parts I added in. 

All credit goes to Jeff Davis!

All helpful or comments with suggestions for the storyline are very much appreciated. :)

Fire_Phoenix_ Fire_Phoenix_ Oct 24, 2016
Gorgeous doesn't begin to describe that boy. Him and Stiles are the most amazing looking guys I've seen in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kaiii2222 Kaiii2222 Feb 16, 2016
Wait quick question I know it says theo raeken vs. Liam dunbar 
                              But is it more of a theo story? Or a liam story? Cause I been looking for a good Theo fanfic and so far this was seems great
Love_Me_Hopeless Love_Me_Hopeless Sep 01, 2016
Hey! Watch it! I know Stiles is your brother and all, but he is one of the most attractive guys in the world!
That's exactly what I was thinking. Maybe Greenberg was the first to go since everyone even coach has forgotten him. Not to mention Noshiko was telling Kira the story in the first episode while they were in the car.
durbxnskies durbxnskies Mar 12, 2016
This scene is like Kira's in the traffic jam waiting to go to the high school. Haha What is with Lydia and her Maths notes lol! Jesus-Lydia would be my best friend I'm like lining everything in red! 
                              This is super detailed! Awhhhh I love Liam more than Theo-Nasty lol! This is so good! :3
stilinskicrank stilinskicrank Jul 07, 2016
I love this! Only on the first chapter but it's the most detailed and good Theo fanfic because the rest aren't very good as they start in the middle or everything messed up and etc... But this is absolutely great! I can't wait to keep reading! It's looks very promising!! 😍😍😍