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How To Make An Assasin Fall In Love (Killua x Reader)

How To Make An Assasin Fall In Love (Killua x Reader)

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~AA~ By asunaann Updated Feb 14

I was walking down a quiet road.With my hands in my pockets,I slowly counted the steps I took.

If the number of steps can be counted as money,then I would’ve walked and walked until I get enough.

Just when I was about to take a turn,a figure of a person came out from the shadows.It was a man wearing a black suit.

“You look like you’ve got a problem there.”He said.

“Yes,I do.Since you know already,I hope you won’t be an addition to my problems,sir.”I continued on my way but he laughed.

“What if I say that I’ll be the one who can get rid of those problems?”He said that made me look back at him.

“What do you mean?”I asked with a little hostility in my tone.

“Woah.No need to be so unfriendly.I’m just here to offer you a job.”

“Job?”I asked.

“Yes.One simple job that can give you trillions of money if you complete it.”


“Interested now?”He asked.

I calmed myself and gave an arrogant look.”So,what job are we talking about?”

The man smirked as he came closer and showed me a picture of a boy.

“Can you…make an assasin fall in love?”

Does Killua even know her?  She's with the mom all the time and Killua doesn't like the mom
(Y/N): Yep. He is awesome.
                              Killua: Isn't this suppose to be a Killua X Reader?!
                              (Y/N): *Flicks Forehead* Making you fall for me is just my mission, baka.
O////O Cosplay? For you?... Uh-Uhm... 
                              Thoughts: Kill him.
                              Heart: (Just kidding I don't have one)
Amandica07 Amandica07 Oct 28, 2016
Uh oh. This CANNOT be good. 
                              ABANDON SHIP! ABANDON SHIP! 
                              *runs away like a madman*
mei_rin_ mei_rin_ 2 days ago
*coughs* definitely not me...ahahaha...haha...ha...
                              - Older sister brought the lie detector -
                              The machine let out a beep.
                              Okay, fine, I did, but not right now. I'm over forom the fandom.
                              DAMN THIS FUDGING ALBINO BASTARD-
                              What the fudge.
emmychu025 emmychu025 Jan 01
*smiles while looking around* WOWWWWW! The land of make believe!!!!!