How To Make An Assasin Fall In Love (Killua x Reader)

How To Make An Assasin Fall In Love (Killua x Reader)

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~AA~ By asunaann Updated Apr 08

I was walking down a quiet road.With my hands in my pockets,I slowly counted the steps I took.

If the number of steps can be counted as money,then I would’ve walked and walked until I get enough.

Just when I was about to take a turn,a figure of a person came out from the shadows.It was a man wearing a black suit.

“You look like you’ve got a problem there.”He said.

“Yes,I do.Since you know already,I hope you won’t be an addition to my problems,sir.”I continued on my way but he laughed.

“What if I say that I’ll be the one who can get rid of those problems?”He said that made me look back at him.

“What do you mean?”I asked with a little hostility in my tone.

“Woah.No need to be so unfriendly.I’m just here to offer you a job.”

“Job?”I asked.

“Yes.One simple job that can give you trillions of money if you complete it.”


“Interested now?”He asked.

I calmed myself and gave an arrogant look.”So,what job are we talking about?”

The man smirked as he came closer and showed me a picture of a boy.

“Can you…make an assasin fall in love?”

The only thing cool about him is his hair like how do you get it silky smooth  like is that apart of your nen
You're supposed to make him fall IN LOVE not into a deep deeep slumber
-unheoly- -unheoly- May 31
*looks at cookie than at him* "I guess this is the end for me.."
All I want to do right now is call killua a bitch then stab him in the head and give him to yo mama
Crystalmite Crystalmite Aug 10
U try to poison me
                              Killua:*eyes widen *?n-n-no I
                              *I grab chainsaw and kill him*
                              U die first zoldyck
DO I LOOK LIKE BISKY TO YOU- I'm sorry Bisky I know how you feel now