Primary Colors Pt. I • dg & jt

Primary Colors Pt. I • dg & jt

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"You're only human."


What's your favorite color?
Red or Blue?

(Dick Grayson/Nightwing & Jason Todd/Red Hood Fanfic)


How are you okay with him starring at your a** when you thought he had a fiance!!!!!
fangirlgem fangirlgem May 30
As an artist I actually hate when I ask people 'what do I draw?'
                              And the reply ALWAYS is 'draw me'
                              I hate turning it down cus I don't want to sound rude
SuKawaii317 SuKawaii317 Jul 21
What if she just drew a stick man with guns 😂😂😂👌🏼👌🏼
MadamHavoc MadamHavoc Mar 09
I thought she was talking about Starfire for a second lol. Thanks for the clarification.
You get things thrown at you 24/7 when you live in a Mexican house hold...
redwolf_31 redwolf_31 Jan 09
In my ap art class we don't even call it painting or drawing, we say we're arting 😭😭😂😂