A New Life (Hiatus)

A New Life (Hiatus)

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just_bored202 By just_bored202 Updated Mar 22

Not one shots!!!

You arrive at the Sakamaki household whilst your parents are away for an important business trip. They sent you here because apparently your "family friends". You had hoped to start a new life, one with positivity and happiness. However, it doesn't take long for you to realize the secrets of the Sakamaki family.
Sorry about the hold. 

My apologies in advance for and spelling or grammatical errors, this is my first story and I will make sure to involve the Mukami's and Tsukinami's. I do not own Diabolik lovers, all rights reserved to Reject.

My gosh... I'm reading this and Animals by Maroon 5 plays... I swear that is too perfect of a song for this...
gummyhoshi gummyhoshi May 19
Don't take the tea... Cause Reiji will drug the tea then yell at you about breaking the cup when you drop it
Lolita--Chan Lolita--Chan a day ago
Well mom I'm home alone rn, so what you trying to do? Sacrifice me?
Okay, my name literally just has five letters and you'd rather say that?
Why dont you go back to middle school and pay attention to the teacher okay! *pats ayato*
                              *looks at tea*
                              Don't you dare
                              *picks up and drinks tea, then faints*
                              Oh my god, you actually did it