Train Me|MxM|

Train Me|MxM|

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Vaska By Mihaliel Updated Jan 15, 2016

An object is placed in front of my nose and I inhale; it has a nice smell that makes me think of a flower.  Master allows me to rub my lips on it, feeling its texture. It's firm and smooth.

He rubs my head and leaves me for a second to put the object somewhere. He likes testing to see if I can find things on scent alone.

"Atlas, seek,"

I take off, sniffing at the floor and circling the room until I find the smell. When I finally find it, I pick it up with my teeth just like he taught me. Now that I have half the thing in my mouth, I recognize it as soap. 

"Atlas, drop it."

I obediently lay it at his feet and sit, nuzzling the side of my face against one of his legs. I discovered master likes when I do that, and usually it'll earn me a treat. 
"Good boy," he throws a treat to the floor. I find it quickly and lap it up. 

It's breaded and has a rich, meaty flavor that I've come to enjoy very much. He gives me some time to savor the taste, and once I finish chewing, he places something else to my nose. I sniff at it, taking in it's scent. It's not as pleasant and slightly musky.

"Atlas, seek," I start searching again, sniffing around until I find the object. From the aroma it gives off and the softness of its texture brushing against my face, I know it must be one of his boxers.

I can hear him smiling as he commends me and gives me another treat. "Alright, one more boy and that's it." 

The next scent he gives me is similar to the boxers, but more potent. When he gives the command to seek I start searching again.

After taking a second to adjust, I can almost visualize the smell in my head. It's circling back behind me and I turn around and nudge my nose in between masters legs. It's in there. Gingerly, I tug at his pants, and he sits down in front of me. 

"Atlas," he says, "make me come."

Victor's pet Atlas is all he could have asked for and more. Beautiful, obedient, and submissive, he is a well-trained pet...but he wasn't always that way.

- - Jan 14, 2016
Awww they're so cute together. Victor treats him lovingly even though he's a pet. *reading this all over again btw*
NoirMonehrah NoirMonehrah Aug 18, 2015
Oh . . . just realised the next chapter wasn't out yet . . .lololol, I so thought the button disappeared
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I get the feeling every single time I comment, it'll be this:
                              TT TT
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First page and I already feel like crying TT TT *snot runs like water*
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Holy crap I didn't know there was such a thing! talk about not wanting to just use a gag or something >_>;;
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Your welcome I'm eager to see what Atlas story is and if he'll escape